I have a motor cruiser on the non-tidal Thames – thats the bit above Teddington where river levels are controlled by locks and weirs, unlike further down where the river is tidal.

The size of my boat means that I cannot get above Oxford where Osney Bridge effectively excludes larger vessels (over 7’6″ above the waterline) from exploring further upstream. However, depth of water is also a problem and, although I have visited Oxford with this boat, the last stretch from Abingdon is shallow and I run a significant risk of running aground.

The boat is normally kept at Bray, between Windsor and Maidenhead – a location which makes for some enjoyable weekend cruising upriver to Marlow and Henley or downriver to Runnymede and Hampton Court.

A well found boat on the River Thames is a fine way to relax and view some of this country’s most beautiful scenery.